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A few years ago, the loan and mortgage industry was a different beast. Just like most things change with time, the loan industry has evolved and being a mortgage loan originator requires expert management skills. In order to be a master of loan management, loan officers are turning to customer relations management (CRM) software.

Unfortunately, it’s daunting to set up generic CRM software specifically for a loan officer’s needs. That’s why AllClients was created. AllClients is state-of-the-art mortgage CRM software engineered by loan officers for mortgage loan originators.

Two techies, Todd Binder and Jeff Shamus, developed AllClients in 2005 with the goal of the complete organization in mind. AllClients offers an all-in-one, integrated solution with an easy-to-use interface.

AllClients was designed for the ordinary computer user. It’s an easy to use system that doesn’t sacrifice features and functionality in the process. This brilliant software makes the loan process run smoother and improves customer service.

best loan officer mortgage CRM

Benefits for Loan Officers

AllClients’ system makes a loan officer’s job much simpler and at a faster speed. The software has the capabilities of creating a to-do list, gathering email history, arranging appointments, and organizing referrals. All this information can be easily added to the system and viewed quickly. AllClients is the only CRM software that puts a whiteboard on a loan officer’s computer.

The software has built-in triggers that can automatically fire emails, tasks, text messages, and reports based on the loan officer’s specialized set of conditions. These triggers cut down on the work and put the officer’s mind at ease. Here are some of the fantastic features that AllClients provides for their users.

Client Database and ClientTouch

Keeping track of clients gets harder as a mortgage lender’s client database grows. The usual process through simpler software programs can leave a person feeling unorganized and frustrated. AllClients offers an online database without fancy unneeded features.

ClientTouch makes looking up contacts a simpler process. A loan officer can organize clients into specific categories and the system has the ability to add notes about conversations with clients. There’s also a wonderful birthday feature to keep relations with clients at their best.

The database and contact management tools of AllClients amplify productivity. Client lifecycles can be managed from the lead to closing the loan. Deals that are made can be tracked with a customizable tracking system. The loan officer can watch as their clients’ progress through the loan stages or view their loans in a funnel view.

From the ClientTouch screen, an email can be sent; an officer can assign an email campaign and can print customized letters for clients. There’s also the ability to create a monthly newsletter to keep clients updated.

A mortgage lender can put out a blast email to a specific group of contacts, such as past clients. The loan officer can create this group in ClientTouch, hit the email blast button that selects a pre-written email and sends the email in ten seconds.

Email Autoresponder Service and System

Using automation is a dream for a mortgage lender. It’s an improvement that creates consistent communication. Managers can execute initiatives they want to launch that give the team standardized follow up instructions.

Email has become the top way for a loan officer to keep in touch with clients. It’s cheaper and a much more efficient option. Email autoresponders have become one of the top marketing tools for all businesses.

AllClients is unique because it gives a loan officer the ability to round up all the features needed for email autoresponders in one central place, including importing clients and creating the pre-written emails. These emails can be pre-written in AllClient’s email editor.

There’s also a strong drip email marketing feature that goes along with the email autoresponder. A drip campaign targets prospective clients who are interested but on the fence about using services. They can enter their email address on your landing page and will receive informative emails that the loan officer has set up. These emails can move a prospective client from on the fence to using you for their home purchase.

Referral and Leads

Referral partners, clients, prospects, and other contacts are organized centrally. This information is entered into the AllClients’ system. This database is working around the clock, creating qualified leads for the officers. It adds these leads to the marketing system.

After a lead is found, a welcome email can be sent out to prospects. The welcome email is followed by a series of emails that have been pre-written. After originally setting up the email capture pages and email drip campaigns, the loan officer doesn’t have to lift a finger. Mobile marketing can be accessed as well with automated texts for joining and two-way texting.

The Referral Tree is built in software that allows the team to see who made the referral and who sends the most referral business. The AllClients software was designed for both offline and online referral management and marketing. This will help you stay on top of who is sending you the most business so you can make sure you take care of that business lead.

Loan officers can improve their AllClients CRM by taking the software to the next level with a marketing automation package. They have a pre-built landing page template for the officer to create an appealing company website of their own. Software upgrades offer templates that minimize work and deliver excellent looking content.

This allows loan officer clients and potential clients to find your website with the use of Google AdWords, Facebook, and Craigslist. Prospects fill in their contact information on the Lead Campaign page and now the loan officer has a warm lead waiting to be contacted.

Agenda Assistant

The Agenda Assistant is what creates an officer’s to-do list. It reminds the officer of their goals for the day, such as calls, emails, or letters that need to get done. A loan officer will never forget to call prospective or current clients, or forget important appointments with the Agenda Assistant on their side.


VoiceTouch is a 24/7 free recorded message that a loan officer can create for their business. VoiceTouch is the only free recorded message that’s incorporated into software and only takes five minute to setup.

Prospective clients can call the officer’s customized line to get information on the officer’s mortgage lending or leave their information for the officer to contact them without hassle. Sometimes a client will feel much more comfortable leaving a message for a recorded message than have a long, drawn-out conversation with a mortgage lender. They do have the option to be transferred to a live person if they feel more at ease talking with a real person.

The best part of this feature is that if a lead leaves you a message, their information will be automatically integrated into the client database. If a current client calls, the messaging system will inform the loan officer who exactly is calling the line. The loan officer will also receive an email every time a message is left.

Deal Tracking

Loan officers can track and organize their deals using the Deal Tracking screen. This part of the system works for most industries.

AllClients has a Stages Screen that shows the sales pipeline that looks like a whiteboard. It makes it easy to see what stage the sales are in. It also gives a loan officer the ability to link current deals to clients that may be compatible with these deals.

Audio Generator

Having audio on a landing page is known to increase leads. Normally, to incorporate personal audio on a web page a person must have specific software and knowledge of code.

AllClients makes this process simple. There is no extra software needed or code needed. A loan officer can easily record their message on a phone and add it to their landing page quickly.

Web-Based Software

web base application

There are several bonuses to using web-based software versus the usual software. Updates and new features are automatic without the slow wait of a software update installation.

Security and backup data are a must. Using AllClients as web-based software, a loan officer’s information is stored safely in the Cloud using strict security settings. A loan officer doesn’t have to worry about losing all their information if their computer crashes. A backup is created daily.

Team Work

team work

Reliable mortgage CRM software is crucial for loan officers and their teams. A simple customer database is no longer sufficient for teams. The competition is making use of software solutions with marketing-oriented features. CRM systems are growing in popularity in the mortgage lending industry. The intuitive and logical system increases team member’s adopting use of the software.

AllClients can be used for single loan officer or it can be incorporated for team members. The system gives the user the ability to add team members any time they choose. The team can share emails, to-do lists, and calendars among many other functions. The software allows the team to have one large single database of clients or multiple databases.

Highlights from Online Reviews

highlights from online reviews

Smallbizcrm.com wrote an extensive review of AllClients software. Here’s what they had to say:

    –> “The application is designed with user-friendliness and simplicity in mind, and you can perform most activities with just two clicks. Marketing tools (e.g. newsletters, web forms, and autoresponders, etc.) are available off the rack, all you need to do is turn them on. This automation of important business processes ensures an instant response to your clients, exclusively tailored according to their request.

    –> An email and password are all you need to provide for signing up, so you’ll be managing your clients in less than 30 seconds.

    –> The work area of AllClients is uncluttered and features only the most relevant and most important features for most businesses. No matter you start from the Contacts menu or To-Do list, you can drive your way anywhere according to current activity.

    –> The user interface is beautiful, neat and intuitive. As the vendor says, ‘this application is designed for everyday computer users, and even a first time user can manage his business without requiring any help. If you still need assistance, they offer a simple, 6-step jump start training.’

    –> The best thing about the application is its lightning fast speed as it is based on cloud technology and doesn’t require long server-side refreshes.

    –> (Home) This is actually your dashboard that features an Action Center (which is actually a bundle of most useful menus), To-Do Summary, Recent Contacts, and Email Info Center. It not only gives you access to key menus but also offers important details regarding pending tasks and email campaigns.

    –> (Deals) This is the section that impressed us the most because of its versatility and customizability. You can choose from several built-in deals or create custom deals from scratch with as many deal types and stages as required by your business.”

Let’s Cut a Deal

AllClients takes complex functions and creates an easy interface for any user, despite the user’s experience. Big data harnesses the software’s power to keep it connected and thriving. Interactions are simplified to improve sales forces and marketing campaigns.

AllClients has a comprehensive arsenal of tools that aid in organizational needs to meet and exceed the loan officer’s goals. Team members have access to the latest tools that are necessary for success. Using this specific CRM software management system drives attention on client-loaner relationships that are imperative.

Pen and paper are no longer enough to be organized in the mortgage lender world. Simple programs like Excel are no longer sufficient to store the amount of data that’s needed and using more than one program can become confusing. Loan officers aren’t required to buy 10 different products while learning how to work each product.

Knowing the team is equipped to manage client relationships and databases correctly can allow for more creative marketing content and more initiative. Since the system can be used on mobile devices, the loan officers have the database in the palm of their hands and can work from anywhere.

Training is provided in the form of documentation, webinars, and a live online support during business hours.

A free 14-day trial is available so any loan officer can get an idea of how the system works. Plans start at $24 per month. By utilizing the loan officer licenses link, the standard price is reduced by $2. AllClients is a fantastic asset for any mortgage lender and will improve sales with fewer struggles.

Best Loan Officer Mortgage CRM

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